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Working on it

  • I hope you're new year is off to a good start! I have started some major overhaul projects and looking to improve our websites over the next few months leading up to the NAB show we attend every year. We recently upgraded the networking section this post is in and have a few tweaks coming in the next few days that should make it even better.  I am hoping I can make it out to Hollywood this year for the ASC awards banquet and looking forward to many trade shows we attend each year.  This is and election year. I think people are a little more intense on election years. I was even thinking maybe there is a ways we could do some kind of contest that would include the election. Possibly some kind of documentary contest that might be bi partisan   No matter who it is that takes his place Obama will be stepping down and a new President will be seated January 2017. If you have any ideas for a contest that would be fair to all the candidates let me know.