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Holiday Season and The New Year

  • I worked on the forums and network back end software for the sites today. I think making things work right in part is like the golden rule in a way. I was told treat others the way you want to be treated. I guess it's a problem if you're a masochist. Anyway, so I want the site to be the way I would like it. I test the site by seeing if it works for me and does it do what it should and is it easy to use and those kinds of things... 


    I log on and I post things like this blog. When posting this blog I found that people have created a lot of muliple categories and some of them were not needed. I have removed a lot of them and will see about merging and deleting more. There is a General blog category now that we can use.


    I do a searches. I friend people and I read posts. I enjoy reading posts from years ago. I wonder where those people are today. I wonder if someone may have passed away and we don't know it. I think this when I see emails over quota. I think that if there is no one checking it that it might be because that person checked out. Not to sound harsh. I want these people to be doing well.


    I love it when I am at a tradeshow and someone comes to the booth and tells me they love the magazine and that it helped them in some way with their work or career. I love it when Professors tell me that the students love the magazine. I love it when a young filmmakers tells me that their parents saw their article in the magazine and how excited they were.


    I sometimes wonder if the people that are not around anymore lost interest or worse I did something wrong that made them leave of become disenchanted. I hope not. I look for ways to improve but maybe sometimes this is to much and overreacting. I know we had software issues at one time and that I am sure people didn't appreciate. That is one thing I can work harder on in 2018 to make sure that things work as they should and that things get fixed if they break.


    I want to try new things in 2018. Try new ways of supporting filmmakers and raising funds to print the magazines. One of the things we did this year was the summer shorts contest. and it did help and I think we will do it again in 2018 with some additional contests. We might do an online contest for holloween. The Halloween scream fest online contest. I think I still own that domain name. Well, I am going to make some spaghetti for dinner tonight and watch a little netflix and be back online early in the morning. I hope to see you here!


    I read your posts and I watch your videos. Please keep them coming. Have a great night and if you dont' check back after this please safely enjoy the Holidays and have an awesome New Year!