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Temporary Suspension of Disbelief

  • I was just trying to put the tittle on my blog. I am going to try to find that after I have written the blog instead. If I had an exact tittle in mind I guess that would work but I don't. I just want to connect and let you know that I am having coffee on a Saturday and listening to classical piano music.   I am grateful to God to have another day. It's 28 degrees outside. I spent a few minutes this morning looking over the WordPress sites and reading about ways to improve the sites and while reading an article that looked good I realized about half way down the page that it was a sales article written to sell anyone reading it on the expertise of letting the writers build your WordPress site. More later on this.

    On to more filmmaking relevant thoughts - I have a love for movies, movie making and all creative artistic work. I believe creativity is the greatest human gift and that it connects both creator and consumer with our highest intellectual capacity, that of the imagination. In the making of movies we work together as artists on our own canvas being it time and space or fixture we collaborate to produce something that can move and inspire people.  I have more to say about this but I am going to spend a couple of days editing it.