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love your work

  • I posted in the forums about working with others and how i hear about how directors choose actors and cinematographers they like to work with and how cinematographers work with crew they like to work with and I am sure it goes with all the people working in the business. Of course sometimes we work to just pay the bills unless we are fortunate enough to be wealthy.

    I like to work. I know that might sound like a bullshit thing to say but i like to work. I like art and creative work the most. I try to stay away from negative people that complain about working or try to do as little as they can to get by. To me i see doing as much as i can as a part of living the most you can.

    would you want to do anything in life less than the most you can get out of it? to me it is like bad sex not to put everything you can into work. i find the pay as little and work as little mentality in the business environment very depressing.

    I want to work with people that enjoy their work and do the best they can. I also like working with people that are learning everyday even if they have been in the business for 30 years they keep learning. well, i just had to say something today so there it is. i hope you have a great weekend. post something!