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Does Art Follow Form or Form Follow Art?

  • Last night I watched “In the Heat of the Night” staring
    Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger with the cinematographer Haskell Wexler

    This DVD has a very interesting look at Filmmaking in the Mid 1960s and comments about shooting it by Haskell Wexler in the special features section. This is a great movie that you can learn from. I suggest watching it for the cinematography and for the statements it makes about the social racial tensions and changing attitudes climate of the time and the risks the producers, directors and actors take in the making of it. While shooting in the south Sidney kept a gun under is pillow at the Holiday Inn in real life. That was the only place the allowed him to stay. This is one of those kinds of works that makes me think about the old question does art follow form or does form follow art. I wonder what effect this had on the world and the attitudes of the people who live in it and what affect the world had on the making of it. Watch it.