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Early Sunday Morning

  • I hope everyone is well and have a great day. It is 6:41 AM according the the computer clock. It's been awhile since a posted a blog so I thought i would comment on the workshop yesterday with Peter Stein ASC

    We had two wonderful sponsors. This first - NILA makers of a powerful LED lighting systems that significantly cuts electricity usage and reduced heat in digital video, live events, concerts, government video, houses of worship, still photography, and more. Nila is the environmentally friendly answer any where you need lots of light!

    The second is Scheimpflug is more than just a rental house specializing in digital, production and lighting equipment. These guys provided lighting fast service with a staff of dedicated and experienced professionals. Digital Techs, who are also capable of video capture, have worked in the most extreme conditions all over the planet - 45 countries and counting.
    The FLUG recently acquired RGH, an iconic company in the commercial photo industry for 25 years. This gives FLUG a huge inventory of grip, generators, Kino’s, HMI, and tungsten lights. RGH also gives FLUG the ability to provide electrical and production support with a large fleet of grip trucks, generator trucks, and even a production truck. I suggest that you give these guys a call for for your rental needs.