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Adventureland Review and Spoiler

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    I think there is a market for pot head movies. Get a life, right? And, I think that is the point in this movie. These two lost souls find each other and make a stab at making being a loser a cool thing. I think it is classified as a romantic comedy and not a pot head movie but it does more to romanticize drugs and alcohol than anything else. I have seen so many of these that i think we should have a new catagory of movies. Like the Romantic Pot Head Comedy. Cool but disturbed chick meets smart loving dorky guy and helps him smoke up his pot and then they break up and then make up and then find each other on a deeper level as they find their path together for a happy ending with no money and out of pot so they have sex instead of getting high. Oh so wonderfully meaningful, "cough, cough." It has nothing tear jerking or hilarious in it. Def not the LMAO entertainment i was hoping for. It was entertaining at a level because i think my mind can't stop looking at everything from different angles and this gave me lots of foder for social facets i hope are shrinking and not growing. but, I don’t recommend it unless you are like me and you have to see everything and can and you must enjoy movies more than most normal people do. or, see it if you have a crush on the stars for this sake alone. they are cute.