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The Borg - Star Trek Next Generation

  • I was watching the new Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager Episodes last night that were in the Borg DVD collection I got Friday.

    It reminded me of the old days watching Start Trek with my Dad. I remember when I first saw the new Star Trek Next Gneration show I was not happy at all with the ship. It looks more like something that is earth bound and flies in an atmosphere with a gravitational pull and when it stretched out like a rubber band to travel at Warp speed it just ruined it for me. I didn’t like that at all. I wanted it to take off like the old Star Trek ship and not a rubber band. I know there is some kind of light speed bending of space and all but for me it was not right. That little thing really turned me off. Also, the "number one" Jonathan Frakes ... Commander William T. Riker was not posturing right for me. I think they needed to have someone that was more a mental giant or something along those lines. In my mind spock had some kind of major advantage to humans and contributed to the Captain beyond human ability. So the “Number One” should have had some awesome power or ability the captain would tap into…. It would have been better if Data or Warf were “Number One” second in command. There were many other problems for me with the stories but I still watched. I think i watched because of the interest and entertainment i felt when watching the first Star Trek series.