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  • Jul 27
    Posted by Ed Hartman
    For my filmmaker friends: I am a composer (and film producer).  There is some rather confusing information out there about “royalty-free" music, especially from music libraries.  First of all, all music you license is “royalty-free.”  Filmmakers and production compa...
  • Even though the past year hasn't been very friendly with content creators of all types. But this did not stop me from having a few creative photoshoots. :) In my case, the lockdown gave me the time I needed to focus on my passion for photography. At first, I had to use my creativity in-door and...
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  • Maura Nicolaita
    Maura Nicolaita posted a new classified listing:
    Fri at 1:25 AM
  • Yayoi Winfrey
    Yayoi Winfrey posted a new video:
    Thu at 2:20 AM
    All Around the World
    With rap artist, One Sir Grove, spitting lyrics to music producer Ceasar Beats’ melodies, we’ve created a short story featuring images from videographers from All Around the World! To our Sexy Voices of Hollywood fans, this is for you! https://yourhiph...
    • Yayoi Winfrey
      Yayoi Winfrey Maura Nicolaita, thank you! from the time i received the audio from the rapper it took me about a week to complete the video. i had so much fun creating the graphics, but i wish i knew Apple Motion so i could've used it instead of FCPX keyframing--which...  more
    • Yayoi Winfrey
      Yayoi Winfrey Emily Wilkes, no but i felt like i did. lol. there are so many wonderful world cultures. we released this on 9/21 which is the UN International Day of Peace.
    • Yayoi Winfrey
      Yayoi Winfrey Robert Miller, thank you! the rapper, One Sir Grove, will be so happy to know that you think that about his work. i will let him know.
    • Yayoi Winfrey
      Kim Welch I am getting this message "Playback on other website has been disabled by the video owner
    • Yayoi Winfrey
      Maura Nicolaita It works if you click on Watch on YouTube. Here is the direct link:
  • Art Peterson
    Art Peterson posted a new video:
    Wed at 6:09 PM
    Stop Bugging Me - A 3D film four the 48hr Film Project
    Stop Bugging me was a film made for the 2021 San Diego 48hr Film Project by Team Quixana. Its filmed in Red-Blue Anaglyph 3D. for best results view with red/blue colored lens glasses.
  • David Schwartz
    David Schwartz replied to a topic in the forum General Forum:
    Sep 19
    That's great! Love the look of the website!!
  • Fjolla Teuta
    Fjolla Teuta replied to a topic in the forum General Forum:
    Sep 18
    I am always happy to see how this community develops into something bigger! Congrats!