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Hi there,

My name is Joshua Bywater and I am 16 years of age. I have recently written, filmed, directed, edited and produced my own feature length film, The Messenger. This film is to be premiered in a local 290 seated cinema to anyone. I am then to post the film to my new YouTube channel, 'Platinum Productions' in mid July next month. I would LOVE to grow a community of which subscribe and watch my films that I am to create. My goal is to create films that are there soully to entertain. 

If you would be interested in watching this film on its release, please sub to 'Platinum Productions' to also see all the latest trailers to the film that are currently released. 

The film is about a man that has been working for a secretive company for over 10 years as the Messenger, sending messages he knows nothing about....after all this time, he grows a curiousity toward the situation and decides to open the last letter on his last delivery before quitting.....doing this may have been his biggest mistake! 

I shall link a

Hope to see you subbed on my channel!!


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  • Joshua Bywater
    Joshua Bywater Hi there

    I saw a comment of yours about wanting to see clips of my film, The Messenger? As it isn't released yet, I am unable to show clips until it's release to my YouTube channel on July 15th 2017....  more
    June 20, 2017 - Report