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Classifieds » Books » Ridley Scott: A Biography

Classifieds » Books » Ridley Scott: A Biography

Ridley Scott: A Biography


ISBN: 9780813177083; Hardcover
280 pages, 6.00 x 9.00 in, 11 b&w photos
Published by: The University Press of Kentucky

Ridley Scott
A Biography
by Vincent LoBrutto

With celebrated works such as Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, and Gladiator, Ridley Scott has secured his place in Hollywood. This legendary director and filmmaker has had an undeniable influence on art and the culture of filmmaking, but is also a respected media businessman.

In Ridley Scott: A Biography, Vincent LoBrutto delves into Ridley Scott's oeuvre in a way that allows readers to understand the yin and yang of his exceptional career. Presented is a unique crosscut between the biographical facts of Ridley Scott's personal life -- his birth and early days in northeast England, his life in New York City -- and his career in Hollywood as a director and producer of television commercials, TV series, miniseries, and feature films. Every film is presented, analyzed, and probed for a greater understanding of the visionary, his personality, and his thought process, for a deeper perception of his astounding work and accomplishments. The voices of cast and crew who have worked with Ridley Scott, as well as the words of the man himself, are woven throughout this book for a fully realized, critical biography, revealing the depth of the artist and his achievements.

Vincent LoBrutto is a film instructor in the Department of Film, Video and Animation at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. He is the author of numerous books on filmmaking, including Stanley Kubrick: A Biography, Martin Scorsese: A Biography, and Gus Van Sant: His Own Private Cinema. LoBrutto is a recipient of the Robert Wise Award for Journalistic Illumination of the Art of Editing from the American Cinema Editors Society.

Book Reviews:

    "In this lucid and readable book, Vincent LoBrutto reminds us just how prolific a filmmaker Ridley Scott is and just how vast the sweep of his films is. Ridley Scott: A Biography will be an essential primer for anyone wishing to understand this director and his seminal works."

-- Nathan Abrams, author of Stanley Kubrick: New York Jewish Intellectual

    "Vincent LoBrutto's immersive, magisterial study of Ridley Scott's cinematic ways and means is a must-read for anyone interested in this visionary cinematic dream weaver. Like Stanley Kubrick, Scott is in some ways a genre director, though one who manages to expand and transcend the genres he's adopted along the way. He does this through rigorous and disciplined formal innovation, producing among the most rivetingly beautiful visions in the history of commercial cinema. Readers of LoBrutto's remarkable Kubrick biography won't be surprised at the precision of his research and his instinct for the striking detail and telling anecdote. Highly recommended."