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Classifieds » Filmmaking: Direct Your Movie from Script to Screen

Classifieds » Filmmaking: Direct Your Movie from Script to Screen

Filmmaking: Direct Your Movie from Script to Screen


How to translate Hollywood best practices to low-budget features-and develop a successful career in the biz...
Jason Tomaric, Jason J. Tomaric is an Emmy-award winning director with two feature films, dozens of television commercials and several educational DVD series to his credit.

Market: Beginning independent filmmakers making low-budget movies

Key Features:

  • Written by an Emmy-winning insider who shows filmmakers how to translate Hollywood best practices to low-budget features-and develop a successful career in the biz

Filmmaking, the definitive resource for filmmakers, blows the doors off the secretive film industry and shows you how to adapt the Hollywood system for your production. Full of thousands of tips, tricks, and techniques from Emmy-winning director Jason Tomaric, Filmmaking systematically takes you through every step of how to produce a successful movie - from developing a marketable idea through selling your completed movie. Whether you're on a budget of $500 or $50 million, Filmmaking reveals some of Hollywood's best-kept secrets. Make your movie and do it right. The companion site includes:

  • Over 30 minutes of high-quality video tutorials featuring over a dozen working Hollywood professionals

  • Industry-standard forms and contracts you can use for your production

  • Sample scripts, storyboards, schedules, call sheets, contracts, letters from the producer, camera logs, and press kits

  • 45-minute video that takes you inside the movie that launched Jason's career. 3,000 extras, 48 locations, 650 visual effects-all made from his parent's basement for $25,000.

Jason proves that top-notch production values are within the reach of anyone who has ever dreamt of making his own movie. Jason knows what he's talking about because he's actually done it!

-Steve Skrovan, Executive Producer, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

There are no wasted words in Tomaric's tome, which concisely summarizes each facet of the director's craft. It's difficult to think of a step in the process that Tomaric fails to address.

-Jim HemphillAmerican Cinematographer magazine

"If you're a learning filmmaker, then this is the site for you! With courses on everything from screenwriting and production design to shooting techniques and directing, classes are taught by real, experienced filmmakers! Using film to teach film, Film Skills video courses are extremely appealing to visual artists. And, unlike a normal film school (where normally the price tag has several more zeroes than Film Skills), you can always go back and review what you've learned. With all these available classes taught by Hollywood professionals, and all for a small monthly fee, Film Skills is an opportunity no future filmmaker should miss."

 Contents: Table of Contents 

DEVELOPMENT Chapter 1: The Script 

PRE-PRODUCTION Chapter 2: Pre-Production Chapter 3: Budgeting Chapter 4: Scheduling Chapter 5: Insurance Chapter 6: Locations Chapter 7: Auditioning Actors Chapter 8: The Crew Chapter 9: Unions & Guilds Chapter 10: Equipment Chapter 11: Production Design

 PRODUCTION Chapter 12: Production Chapter 13: Acting Chapter 14: Directing Chapter 15: Cinematography Chapter 16: Audio Recording Chapter 17: Hair & Make-Up Chapter 18: Craft Services & Catering 

POST-PRODUCTION Chapter 19: Editing Chapter 20: Digital Effects Chapter 21: Post-Production Audio Chapter 22: Music 

MARKETING Chapter 23: Distribution Index