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Classifieds » The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers

Classifieds » The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers

The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers


The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers
Developing a Marketing Mindset from Concept to Release
1st Edition
By Russell Schwartz, Katherine MacDonald

280 pages
Paperback: 9781138088924
Publisher: Routledge


Written for working and aspiring filmmakers, directors, producers and screenwriters, The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers walks through every stage of the marketing process—from concept to post-production—and illustrates how creative decisions at each stage will impact the marketability of a film.

In this book, marketing experts Schwartz and MacDonald welcome you behind the curtain into the inner workings of a studio marketing department and track films of different budgets (studio, genre, independent, and documentary) through the marketing process, examining how each discipline will approach your film. Featuring interviews with both marketers and filmmakers throughout, an extensive glossary and end-of-chapter exercises, The Marketing Edge for Filmmakers offers a unique introduction to film marketing and a practical guide for understanding the impact of marketing on your film.

Table of Contents

Part One

Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Marketing Defined
Chapter 3: So you have a movie idea…
Chapter 4: The Screenplay Stage
Chapter 5: Packaging
Chapter 6: Financing and Green Light
Chapter 7: Pre-Production
Chapter 8: Production
Chapter 9: Post-Production / Music

Part Two

Chapter 10: Welcome to the Marketing Department
Chapter 11: Market Research
Chapter 12: Consumer Products
Chapter 13: Publicity
Chapter 14: Social Media and Digital Publicity
Chapter 15: The Creative Process
Chapter 16: Media Planning and Promotions
Chapter 17: Distribution and Exhibition
Chapter 18: (Post-Release) Home Entertainment / Ancillary Marketing

Part Three

Chapter 19: Tentpole Marketing
Chapter 20: Awards and Festivals
Chapter 21: Animation

About the Authors

Russell Schwartz is Associate Professor at the Dodge College of Film and Media in Chapman University, where he is the lead marketing professor in the Creative Producing Program. He is also Co-Principal of Pandemic Marketing which provides strategic consulting to the motion picture industry. Recently he was President of Worldwide Marketing for Relativity Media and was formally President of Marketing at New Line Cinema, where he created and managed the marketing campaigns for over 70 films, including the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Wedding Crashers, Elf, Hairspray and The Notebook.

Kate MacDonald is a studio marketing executive based in Los Angeles. She is the Vice President of Marketing and Production at Paramount Pictures. During her career, Kate has worked on a variety of both large and more targeted films such as Wedding Crashers, the Saw horror franchise, World War Z, the Star Trek franchise, Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short.