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Classifieds » Directing for the Screen, 1st Edition

Classifieds » Directing for the Screen, 1st Edition

Directing for the Screen, 1st Edition


Directing for the Screen is a collection of essays and interviews exploring the business of directing. This highly accessible guide to working in film and television includes perspectives from industry insiders on topics such as breaking in; developing and nurturing business relationships; the director’s responsibilities on set and in the field; and more. Directing for the Screen is an ideal companion to filmmaking classes, demystifying the industry and the role of the director with real-world narratives and little-known truths about the business. With insight from working professionals, you’ll be armed with the information you need to pursue your career as a director.

  • Contains essays by and interviews with television directors, feature directors, documentary filmmakers, commercial directors, producers, and professors.

  • Offers expert opinions on how to get started, including landing and succeeding in an internship and getting your first gig.

  • Reveals details about working with actors, overseeing the work of often hundreds of crewmembers, writing last-minute on set, and developing a working relationship with producers and screenwriters.

  • Explores strategies for doing creative work under pressure, finding your directorial voice, financing shorts and independent films, breaking down barriers and overcoming discrimination, shooting in less-than-ideal situations, and recovering from bad reviews or box office results.

  • Illuminates the business of directing in the United States (New York and Los Angeles) as compared to other countries around the globe, including England, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Pakistan, Belgium, and Canada.

Edited by Anna Weinstein Routledge 274 pages Paperback: 9781138945005 pub: 2017-02-15

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1: GETTING STARTED TAKING RISKS AND FINDING MENTORS Beginning With School An Interview With Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum SHORT ’N SWEET The Short Film as a Calling Card By Susan Liddy GETTING A SEAT AT THE TABLE Interning, Script Supervising, and Approaching a Producer With a Project An Interview With Chiemi Karasawa YOU AND YOUR DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY (DP) Finding and Working With Your DP By David Waldman and David Landau BREAKING IN TO FEATURES Working With Comedic Actors and Developing New Projects An Interview With Peter Segal 


CHAPTER 2: STICKING IT OUT WHAT’S AN ASSISTANT DIRECTOR ANYWAY? Roles and Responsibilities By Peter D. Marshall FILM FESTIVALS AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS The Basics By Karen Dee Carpenter GETTING FISCAL SPONSORSHIP An Interview With Dianne Debicella DEVELOPING A BUSINESS ACUMEN An Interview With Quincy Newell DIRECTING FOR TELEVISION A Global Perspective By Phoebe Hart DIRECTING THE ONE-HOUR TELEVISION DRAMA How It Works in Los Angeles and New York An Interview With Jeremy Podeswa 


CHAPTER 3: FINDING SUCCESS PURSUING TRUTH IN STORYTELLING A Lifelong Career in Documentaries and Features An Interview With Michael Apted DOCUMENTARY FILMMAKING IN PAKISTAN When Directing Can Be Dangerous An Interview With Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy DIRECTING THE PERSONAL DOCUMENTARY An Intersex Adventure By Phoebe Hart DIRECTING FOR STUDIOS VS. INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING Reflections on Thirty Years the Film Industry An Interview With Boaz Yakin BECOMING INDEPENDENT Distribution After the Multiplex By Max Sexton and Dominic Lees 


CHAPTER 4: GETTING AHEAD INDEPENDENT FILM DISTRIBUTION An Interview With Orly Ravid INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING By Pieter Aquilia THE EVOLUTION OF A DIRECTING CAREER From Australia to Hollywood and Back Again An Interview With Gillian Armstrong ROLLING WITH THE PUNCHES AND DISCOVERIES Filmmaker David Gordon Green’s Journey By Chris Vognar DIRECTING TELEVISION COMMERCIALS Guidelines for a Fruitful Career By Bill Linsman DIRECTING DOCUMENTARIES Notes From the Field By Timothy A. Powell 


CHAPTER 5: STARTING AGAIN TRANSMEDIA STORYTELLING The Next Step in Directing By Jean Desormeaux and Randall Kapuscinski NAVIGATING THE CREATIVE PROCESS Insights on Gender and the Business of Directing An Interview With Susanne Bier PROCESSNG BOX OFFICE RESULTS Building a Career in Unconventional Storytelling An Interview With Jaco Van Dormael BOUNCING BACK AFTER A SETBACK The Determination to Begin Again An Interview With Isabel Coixet DIRECTING SITCOMS AND THEATER From Stage to Screen An Interview With Sheldon Epps INDEX


"This is not a 'how to' book, but an absorbing read which takes you on many different routes into directing. Full of insights, the range of interviewees is impressive. They all urge would-be directors to observe and learn, be persistent and find their voice." —Claire Barwell, Former Chair of NAHEMI, Course Leader of Film Production at the Farnham Film School, University for the Creative Arts "Directing for the Screen offers lively and astute advice from the insiders. Anna Weinstein has mixed with some of the best and probes them about their success—and learning from loss." —Matthew Sorrento, Lecturer, Film Studies at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ

About the Editor

Anna Weinstein is the Series Editor for PERFORM. A writer and editor with over fifteen years of experience in educational publishing, she received her MFA in Writing for the Performing Arts from the University of California at Riverside--Palm Desert and her BA in Communication Studies/Performance from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She teaches introductory and advanced screenwriting at Auburn University, and she is a frequent contributor to Film International, where she publishes interviews with award-winning female directors in her series "Diva Directors Around the Globe."