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Classifieds » Books » Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches, 1st Edition

Classifieds » Books » Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches, 1st Edition

Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches, 1st Edition


Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches is a no-nonsense, boots-on-the-ground exploration of how writers REALLY go from emerging to professional in today’s highly saturated and competitive screenwriting space. With a focus on writers who have gotten representation and broken into the TV or feature film space after the critical 2008 WGA strike and financial market collapse, the reader will learn from tangible examples of how success was achieved via hard work and specific methodology. This book includes interviews from writers who wrote major studio releases (The Boy Next Door), staffed on television shows (American CrimeNCIS New OrleansSleepy Hollow), sold specs and television shows, placed in competitions, and were accepted to prestigious network and studio writing programs. These interviews are presented as Screenwriter Spotlights throughout the book and are supported by insight from top-selling agents and managers (including those who have sold scripts and pilots, had their writers named to prestigious lists such as The Black List and The Hit List) as well as working industry executives. Together, these anecdotes, learnings and perceptions, tied in with the author's extensive experience in and knowledge of the industry, will inform the reader about how the industry REALLY works, what it expects from both working and emerging writers, as well as what next steps the writer should engage in, in order to move their screenwriting career forward.

By Lee Jessup Routledge 328 pages Paperback: 9781138679122 pub: 2017-02-27



"With Lee Jessup’s incredible and informative new book, you will learn the mastery of becoming a working writer with longevity. Lee shows you the value of understanding the current state of the industry, the benefits of screenwriting competitions and fellowships, the paths to staffing on television and selling pilots, and the stories of those who are where you want to be." —Jen Grisanti, Story/Career Consultant, Writing Instructor for NBC, International Speaker "How do I love Lee Jessup? Let me count the ways. With Breaking In: Tales from the Screenwriting Trenches, Lee once again brings her ‘no BS’ approach coupled with a wealth of timely, actionable information designed to help you fearlessly navigate the business of screenwriting. This is cut-through-the-fat, get-after-it advice that will have you on the path to building a screenwriting career." —Rich "RB" Botto, Founder of Stage 32, Screenwriter, The End Game

About the Author

Lee Zahavi Jessup, author of Getting It Write: An Insider's Guide To A Screenwriting Career, is a highly sought after screenwriting career coach with 20+ years of industry experience. Lee’s clients include writers working in film and television, participants in the prestigious television writing programs, contest winners and many more. An invited speaker at the WGA, NBC, UCLA and countless screenwriting conferences, Lee is a contributor for Script Magazine and has been interviewed by many screenwriting-centric television shows, web shows and podcasts.