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Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC

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  • Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC
    Learn new techniques on how to create different moods using lights.

    Saturday, February 4, 2012 | 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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    Manhattan, New York City

    Announcing the new "Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC" continuing education workshop and networking event. The intensive will be led by Mr. Stein, who has worked on over 50 feature films, TV movies, and documentaries. Peter Stein, ASC has photographed classic cult films in various genres, including comedy and horror, as well as major studio and independent releases, and noted documentaries.

    One of his first feature films as a Director of Photography was the horror film classic Friday the 13th Part 2, the second largest grossing film in 1981 for Paramount. He then went on to shoot the literary comedy Reuben, Reuben for 20th Century Fox, which was nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Actor, Tom Conti, and Best Screenplay, Julis Epstein (Casablanca), and was the film debut of the actress Kelly McGillis.

    Among other horror genre films he shot are Stephen King's blockbuster hit Pet Sematary, C.H.U.D. and Steven King's Graveyard Shift. He was the DP on two of Touchstone's children's movies, Ernest Saves Christmas and Ernest Goes to Jail and New Line's hit children's comedy Mr. Nanny starring Hulk Hogan and Sherman Helmsley. Among other films he shot are Paramount's football comedy Necessary Roughness with Scott Bakula, Robert Loggia and Kathy Ireland, and Orion's A Great Wall, directed by Peter Wang, the first Chinese/American co-production.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Using small lighting units including softlights, fresnel (lensed) lights and open face lights; three point lighting techniques.

    • Hard light and soft light: the benefits and problems of each type.

    • Changing a hard light into a softlight.

    • Using fresnel lights and when to use open face lights.

    • How to cut lights with barndoors, flags and nets.

    • Where to place the key light to help achieve the desired look.

    • The ratio of the key to fill.

    • How to make a background more interesting.

    • The use of color.

    Who Should Attend

    Any filmmaker, videographer, or digital storyteller who wants to improve his/her game, by being up close with one of film's master Cinematographers. Camera operators who want to take their careers to the next level.


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    The "Lighting for Mood with Peter Stein, ASC" is presented by, a division of Welch Integrated, Inc. Sponsor opportunities are still available. Contact Kim Welch 212.255.5458 or click here to fill out the contact form.

    "As a Director of Photography one should always go into a lighting set-up with a firm plan in mind, but be ready to throw it out the window if necessary. It is often the innumerable chance occurrences that happen as the lighting progresses that are the stuff that brilliance is made up of."
    -Peter Stein, ASC

    Peter Stein, ASC's Filmography includes :

    Mr. Nanny -  Comedy, starring Hulk Hogan, New Line Cinema, 1993
    Missing Pieces  -  Comedy starring Eric Idle and Lauren Hutton,
    Orion Pictures, 1991
    Necessary Roughness  -  Comedy starring Scott Bakula, Paramount Pictures, 1991
    Stephen King's Graveyard Shift - Paramount Pictures, 1990
    Ernest Goes to Jail -  Comedy starring Jim Varney, Touchstone Pictures, 1990
    After the Rain  -  Starring Ned Beatty, Brian Keith, New Century Vista, 1990
    Pet Sematary  -   written by Stephen King, Paramount Pictures, 1989
    Ernest Saves Christmas  -  Comedy starring Jim Varney, Touchstone
    Pictures, 1988
    The Wild Pair  -  Starring Beau Bridges, Trans World Entertainment 1987
    A Great Wall  -  Orion Pictures, 1986
    Billions for Boris  -  Starring Lee Grant, Comworld Pictures, 1985
    Wildrose -  Starring Lisa Eichorn
    and Tom Bower
    C.H.U.D. -  Starring John Heard, Daniel Stern, New World Pictures, 1984
    Reuben, Reuben  -  Starring Tom Conti and Kelly McGillis, 20th Century Fox, 1983
    Friday the 13th - Part 2  -  Paramount Pictures, 1981

    Cold Feet - TV Pilot, NBC
    The Con - USA Movie, 1998
    A Midwife's Tale - The American Experience - PBS, 1996
    Harambee! - PBS, 1996
    Desparate Choices - NBC, 1992
    Night Visions - MGM Television
    for NBC, 1990
    The Call - Showtime, 1989
    Elvis and Me - New World Television,
    ABC, 1988
    The Last Fling - ABC Movie of the
    Week, 1985
    Under Siege  -  NBC Special Event, 1986
    The Parent Trap 2  -  ABC Disney
    Movie, 1986
    Izzy and Moe  -  CBS Movie of the
    Week, 1985
    Private Contentment - PBS
    Playhouse, 1982
    A Good Dissonance Like a Man  - 
    PBS Special, 1977

    Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story -
    PBS 2007
    Tupperware!, PBS Playhouse - 2004
    Politics of Cancer - Theatrical
    Release - 1994
    Streetsmart Kids  -  HBO Special, 1985
    Laughs -  HBO Special, 1981
    Just Crazy About Horses  -  Theatrical Release - 1978

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