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2018 Summer Shorts FIlm & Video Contest

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  • Open to both Students and Professionals

    FREE ENTRY with Social Media Post. The new 2018 Summer Shorts film and video contest call for entries is open to all filmmakers, animators, videographers, and content creators. There are three categories for both students and professionals: Jr. High/Highschool, College, and Professional. Multiple submissions welcome. There is no entry fee when you post about the Summer Shorts Contest, along with the link,, on your social media webpages - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or on your personal website.

    We asked the Top 9 Winners of last year's 2017 Summer Shorts Contest for their thoughts are on being selected and winning one of the top placements in the competition. This is what they said.

    “I am so incredibly honored to be recognized. It means the world to me that people are seeing ‘Lucy’ and that they are seeing the significance to it. That’s what it’s all about after all right? I can’t thank Summer Shorts Film and Video Contest enough!”

    ~Libby Blood, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Story; “Lucy,” 1st Place Awards Recipient, Professional Category

    “I’m stoked to have my work selected by the committee. I really hope people see my video and have at least a little more understanding of sharks’ importance to our ecosystem. I also hope it inspires people to donate and get involved with the debate of sharks’ importance in our waters.”

    ~ Jack White, Videographer and Editor; “Misguided Fears: The Oahu Shark Diver”, 2nd Place Awards Recipient, Professional Category

    “It’s a childhood dream. Create my own movie and be selected in a contest. That makes me want to do more projects in animation, video games, movies. Anyway, this project and contest are a real springboard for me. And now, I just wanna go on!”

    ~ Simon Giraud, Animator/Filmmaker; “Ichnos,” 3rd Place Awards Recipient, Professional Category

    “I’m not generally an ecstatic individual but I have been smiling like an idiot ever since I heard. I had no idea we were even entered and the fact that we won a top placement is, even more, jaw dropping. I just ultimately hope that everyone who worked on ‘Deadbeat,’ and volunteered and helped, is about as happy with it as I am. They worked hard, and they deserve it.”

    ~ Ryan Robson, Writer/Director; “Deadbeat Motel,” 1st Place Awards Recipient, College Category

    “I’m honestly so honored and flattered to be selected and winning 2nd Place. It still shocks me that people like it and motivates me to keep writing and creating films.”

    ~Janice Chun, Writer, Director, Animator; “Crushed In Space,” 2nd Place Awards Recipient, College Category

    “I’m very thankful for the selection! I’d never thought my film would reach people outside my own little town, let alone outside of Belgium. So, thank you very much!”

    ~Pieter Claessens, Filmmaker; “Pass Age,” 3rd Place Awards Recipient, College Category

    “Having a movie I wrote and directed win this award was both completely unexpected and a huge honor. Because this film was made for the NJ Film School, my teacher sometimes submits what we create to awards without the knowledge of my classmates or me, which made it all the more exciting when I received an email out of nowhere saying that ‘Two of These Things’ had been chosen by this magazine as the best High School Short Film.”

    ~Logan Calder, Writer and Director; “Two of These Things,” 1st Place Awards Recipient, Highschool/Jr. High Category

    “It’s such an honor for a film I worked on to even be seen by an audience. For it to be chosen is really satisfying because it shows that other people in the world enjoyed it. For me, anybody being moved by a film I worked on is fulfilling in itself.”

    ~ Austin Segal, Cinematographer; “Two of These Things,” 1st Place Awards Recipient, Highschool/Jr. High Category

    “It’s kind of crazy! It’s exciting that our film has gotten recognized for something and that it’s been seen by people out there. My students worked very hard to make it an amazing video. I’ll be sure to reach out to them and let them know that their film is out there and that I’m very proud of the work they put into it.”

    ~Andrew Hwang, Media Instructor/Filmmaker; “Safe Spaces,” 2nd Place Awards Recipient, Highschool/Jr. High Category

    “I am ecstatic about being selected as one of the winners of this competition. I was apprehensive about sharing my work on a larger stage, but I am very glad that I did. Whether or not it won, I had a fantastic time making the video, and it helped to make this past summer the greatest yet. I am so glad that my hard work was recognized and that I have had a chance to share my work with others.”

    ~ John Bamburoski, Videographer; “My Summer 2017,” 3rd Place Awards Recipient, Highschool/Jr. High Category

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