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CALL FOR ENTRIES! Christian Youth Film Festival

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  • 30th annual International Christian Youth Film Festival, Sunday, March 3rd, 2024 at the Historic Fox Theater in downtown Bakersfield, CA. Screenings, street fair, and awards for youth ages 12-24.


    30th annual Christian Youth Film Festival is open for entries from youth around the world ages 12 through 24. Produce a short movie, total running time less than 11 minutes. Your story should express faith, hope, and love. Final deadline is February 19th, 2024. Prizes include trophies and cash!

    Rules, guidelines, and other details can be found at

    Christian Youth Film Festival
    Longest running festival of its kind, the Christian Youth Film Festival encourages young people to create excellent movies filled with faith, hope, and love. The gala screening includes young filmmakers all dressed up, arriving in limos, walking the red carpet, and eating lots of popcorn. Entries include seminars, workshops, and the Exclusive VIP Backstage Dinner for young creators. Industry professionals volunteer as judges during the screening. Past judges have included: Dean Batali, Karen Covell, Jim Schmidt, Jenn Gotzon, Bobby Downes, Coleman Luck, Chuck Konzleman, Cary Solomon, Mitchell Callisch, Brenda Lorena Garcia, Jim Covell, Daniel Florin, Ashley Dakin, Connie Fleishauer, and many others.

    Awards & Prizes
    Accepting live-action narratives only.

    Documentaries, animation, and music videos are not accepted.


    * Best Actor

    * Best Actress

    *Best Application of Scripture

    * Best Screenplay

    * Best Cinematography

    * Best Production Value

    * Best Visual Effects

    * Best Editing

    * Best Sound

    * Best Director

    Giant Checks (cash)

    Best of College Division: Approximately $654.32*

    Best of High School Division: Nearly 543.21*

    Best of Jr. High Division: Close to 432.10*

    Best of the Festival: Around $678.90*

    * Actual cash amounts subject to inflation and deflation.

    Additional prizes may be awarded; such as scholarships, free acting lessons, “on set” opportunities, free event admissions, etc…

    Each entry receives two really cool lanyards with two awesome VIP all-access passes to all seminars, meals, and mixers with judges, directors, and producers; (value over $246.80)

    Each entry also receives encouraging critique from judges; (value: Priceless!)

    Rules & Terms
    1. The contest is open to youth ages 12-24, with complete disregard to geographical location, race, hair, religion, creed, sex, ancestry, disabilities, DNA, or military service.

    2. All movies must have begun principle production after March 5, 2023. Writing and pre-production may be earlier.

    3. Talent and crew must be within the specified age bracket (it’s a student movie). Supporting roles may be played by actors from outside the age brackets if necessary, but are not eligible for award consideration.

    4. Minimal adult help is allowed and encouraged. This means adults may advise or demonstrate with the goal of teaching. Adults may drive, help secure equipment, or provide the pizza. Adults should strive to help kids be better filmmakers, learn new skills, and develop hidden talents. Adults should not do it for them.

    5. Movies must be compatible with a Biblical Christian worldview. Content must be age-appropriate and family-friendly for screening to younger audiences.

    6. Running time is limited to a maximum of 11 minutes including credits and titles.

    The following documents must be uploaded with entry:

    a. Director’s proof of age (Driver’s license, Passport, birth cert, student I.D., etc…)

    b. Photo of Director (for program)

    c. Copyright releases for all copyrighted music.

    d. Talent releases for all actors. (Parent must sign if student is under age 18).

    e. Accurate and complete credits.

    f. Brief Synopsis of movie (for program)

    g. Poster (11″x17″ vertical orientation).

    h. Optional behind the scenes stills and video footage.
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