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Filmmaking Safety Tips For Filming In The Snow

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    December 6, 2022 3:00 AM PST

    The Winter season is almost here and in many parts of the world, it will soon start to snow. This could encourage many filmmakers to venture outside and film in the snow, however, there are a few safety tips that must be considered first. 


    1. Protect your gear

    Not all your gear items can handle low temperatures. For example, batteries are sensitive to cold. It would help if you carried your batteries in an insulated bag. One of the most common things that can happen to your batteries if you are not careful is that they go from 100% to 0% very fast. 

    Your equipment is also sensitive to temperature changes from cold to warm. When you are returning back home with your gear, you should keep your equipment away from any source of heat such as radiators or heaters. 


    2. Keep your equipment dry

    Filming in the snow could also mean that you are filming while it snows, too. Your equipment should be dry and clean at all times. Bring a lens-cleaning cloth to clean the snow from your lens. Even if it is not snowing, snow could get in your lens. It could fall from the trees or the wind could blow it there. You could also bring a plastic bag or a trash bag, tin foil or even sheets in case you need to shield your equipment. Avoid storing your gear in a wet bag. 


    3. Get warm clothes

    Your first line of defence against the snow and cold temperatures is what you wear. Wear a hat, warm clothes and proper shoes. Take a blanket with you if one of your actors or extras gets cold. Take a thermos and fill it with hot tea. 


    4. The Sun is brighter during the Winter

    When the Sun is out of the clouds, it shines brighter during the Winter. To be prepared, set up your white balance and bring filters for your lens. 


    5. Don't fall 

    When shooting in the Snow, you could easily fall. Walk carefully not to fall and break your equipment. Get proper shoes to reduce the risk of falling. Take small steps when you are walking and avoid running.

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    December 6, 2022 3:19 AM PST

    I find it difficult to use my gear with gloves on. My hands are always freezing during Winter. I tried using all types of gloves, I just didn't find any to work for me. Does anyone else has this issue?