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5 Tips to Improve your Filmmaking TikTok Profile

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    February 6, 2023 1:25 AM PST

    TikTok has become more popular than YouTube and other online platforms. This has motivated many filmmakers to start creating TiKTok content. On TikTok, you can get exposure for your projects for free but there is a catch: the algorithm might not favour your content and show it to everyone from the start. If you want to level up your filmmaker TikTok profile, here are 5 tips that can get you started:

    1. Create a creative video to show off your skills. You can use your profile as proof of your skills that everyone can see.
    2. Interact with other filmmakers in your space and share tips, tricks and tutorials.
    3. Get creative with sound design and use music and audio to enhance your visuals and storytelling. You can also find musicians and composers in our online community that would happily help you with your projects.
    4. Make sure your profile page looks sharp - add a nice profile photo, include your bio information, and list out past projects. You can also add a link with links through Link Tree. On Link Tree, you can add your social media accounts such as Instagram, or Facebook Page, you can add your YouTube Channel and also your Website.
    5. Offer advice for budding filmmakers and hold Q&As about the work you do. Engagement is key on TikTok and posts that encourage engagement usually get more exposure.

    Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to levelling up your #filmmaker TikTok profile. Good luck!