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Creative ideas for this SPRING

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    April 13, 2022 6:10 AM PDT

    The cold season is long gone. Spring is here, with many great opportunities to create contente. There are a few ideas to capture the magic of this season through your lens, in videos or in photos.

    1. Flowers

    The first idea is to make the most out of the beautiful scenes that spring has to offer: blooming flowers, little bees and butterflies. You can put your macro lens to good use during this season, and create a short story with a voice over and beautiful visuals.

    2. Rain
    Not every day of spring is sunny and beautiful. Some days are rainy. The spring rain is a great opportunity to capture spring landscapes in the rain, which can be used for a romantic theme. Be careful if your gear is not waterproof.

    3. Make the most of your local park/forest

    Even if you do not have a garden full of flowers, you can try making the most of your local park or forest. The only problem is that you need to find a spot which is not crowded, which is usually easy to do early in the morning.


    What are your creative ideas for this spring?