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What are your filmmaking goals for this year?

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    September 6, 2022 12:49 AM PDT

    School has just started and it  is a great moment to set up the goals and objectives that you wish to achieve in the following year! Setting specific goals can help you make the most out of your education. For this reason, you should set three types of goals: personal goals, specific goals and goals focused on your growth as a person and as a professional.

    I will provide three suggestions of goals that you can set, one for each category:

    1. Personal: Find the balance between school and fun

    Most students want to experience the "student life" and have fun. But you also need to focus on your studies and learning, because, after all, this is why you are going to school after all. Because of this, a good personal goal would be to find the balance between school and fun and look for ways to enjoy your student life while also learning and developing new skills. 

    2. Specific: Find a mentor

    One of the greatest benefits that school provides you is access to experts and professionals. Find a teacher that vibes with you and ask him to guide you in your educational journey. He will help you improve your filmmaking skills in a shorter amount of time by passing down some of his knowledge to you.

    3. Growth: Focus on learning more than you focus on your grades

    Grades are important but what is more important are the skills that you develop during your time as a student. Try focusing on learning as much as you can and develop your skills because they will help you in your future career and in securing a better job. Try working as a volunteer in filmmaking projects that happen inside and outside of your school. 

    What goals have you set for this year? 

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    September 6, 2022 3:07 AM PDT

    I will be honest with you Maura, all this VR talk on the forums has made me really eager to try to actually create something using this technology. You could say this is one of my goals now.