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What is DeepFake and how to use it for your projects

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    September 15, 2022 12:24 AM PDT

    Artificial Intelligence can create realistic content using real images, sounds and even videos. The "DeepFake" technology was initially released in 2007 by using the open-source, deep-learning technology provided by Google. Even though many have used this technology to make online pranks or even engage in illegal activities, the “deepfake” technology can be used for legal and creative activities as well. This technology can be used to create better content, with a lower budget in a shorter amount of time.

    David Beckham used DeepFake AI Technology to spread awareness about Malaria

    A few years ago, David Beckham used the deepfake technology to spread awareness over Malaria. This incredible technology allowed him to speak 9 languages in order to promote and launch the world's first petition that has the purpose to end Malaria.

    Synthesia has created an AI Avatar of David Beckham, which was later used for a noble cause.

    How to use DeepFake AI Technology for filmmaking

    Even though a technology is widely associated with pranks, it does not mean that it cannot be used in a good way as well. David Beckham has proved this back in 2019. The DeepFake AI  Technology can be also used for filmmaking. A few examples are:

    1. Raise Awareness over a sensitive topic

    This technology can be used to raise awareness over a sensitive topic by creating a short film that can later be translated into many languages. This is similar to what David Beckham did.

         2. Educational purpose

    For documentary filmmaking, this technology could be used to bring back to life people who are no longer among us. Young students could learn about The Gettysburg Address by watching a video of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln delivering it back in 1863. The new technology could make the whole scene extremely realistic and it could even be created for the VR Headset.

        3. Adverts that can help find missing people

    To speed up the process of finding missing people, the “deepfake” technology can be used to animate the pictures. Short videos can then be created and placed in many locations around the city. This will capture the attention of the people who are walking by the advert and increase the odds of finding the missing person.

    What would you use the DeepFake AI Technology for?

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    September 22, 2022 11:02 AM PDT

    David Beckham was very smart for using this technology for a noble cause and he also set an example