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Advice Needed! Autumn Short Film About A Poem

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    September 23, 2022 5:22 AM PDT

    I saw a suggestion on the forums about Short Film ideas that could be shot during this Autumn. One idea in particular vibed with me and I was thinking to give it a try. 
    The idea is to create a short film using a poem. As I was thinking more on how to actually do this, I stumbled upon a few obstacles:
    Problem No. 1: I am not a writer, therefore, I do not know how to write poems. Could I use a poem that is available on the internet? I was thinking about "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe. Could I use his poem without having copyright issues?
    Problem No. 2: I am not a good actor and I do not have any friend or mate that wishes to help me out with this. I am camera shy, too. I was thinking of shooting videos of nature and birds and such for the short film. I am not a good director either, as I am a student and I am still learning. Any suggestion would help me on how to shoot this short film.

    And Problem No. 3: What advice would you have for me regarding the audio track? Should I use a dramatic voice on a slow pace?