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    24 hours of Nuremberg

    The 24 hours of Nuremberg are an extraordinary NONSTOP-shortfilm-festival.

    This year taking place from 7th of December (9 p.m.) NONSTOP untill the 8th of December (open end).

    We are looking for all kinds of shortfilms up to 15 minutes in german or

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    led by 24 hours of Nuremberg

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    Cinemalaya Film Festival

    The Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival is a film festival in the Philippines held annually in the month of July at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Its aim is the development and promotion of Filipino independent films. The film

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    led by RA Alban

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    Flamingo Film Festival

    Flamingo Film Festival

    An Showcase of International Student Film and Video

    The Flamingo Film Festival is dedicated to exhibiting the international short films and videos produced by student filmmakers. This inaugural event held in South Florida will

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    led by Jess Dp

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    Autumn Shorts Film Festival

    Formerly "Winter Shorts Film Festival"
    Somerset Community College 2014 Autumn Shorts Film Festival

    Coming in September of 2014

    Somerset Community College Theatre’s Digital Video Productions welcomes submissions of all genres of films of no longer than

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    led by Steve Cleberg