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  • Ed Hartman
    Ed Hartman wrote a new blog entry:
    Tue at 12:39 PM
    • Ed Hartman
      Maura Nicolaita Hello Ed Hartman! Your website looks very good!
    • Ed Hartman
      Oskar Kuusk Very kind of you to share this information with us!
    • Ed Hartman
      Marianna Schmidt As an experienced composer and film producer, you have a lot of knowledge that you can share with us.
    • Ed Hartman
      Charlotte Davis Very nice!
    • Ed Hartman
      Ed Hartman Thanks very much for your kind comments. I'm always happy to answer questions about music, scoring, licensing, etc. I have a free music licensing/scoring newsletter (9th year), and free resources for composers and...  more
  • Carl Protho
    Carl Protho posted a new video:
    Jun 23
    This video shows how the marriage of picture and music combine to tell the same story. The feeling of being free to live and enjoy the outdoor air and sunshine without limits due to weather. Spring is here and life is all about living. This is a good exam...
  • Ed Hartman
    Ed Hartman (Please share) NEW PODCAST!
    This is a fun interview with filmmaker, Brian Schmidt, creator of “Contagious” an award-winning short film. Thanks very much for your support!
    On YouTube: (Video of interview)
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    Mar 5