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  • Created April 22, 2010 by Jordanrobinson88

    Music Anarchy is an unofficial album, more like a collection of my favorite works. You could say that it is a mash of different colors that articulate who I am through the language of music, like musical self-portraits. Because the limit for song uploads is 2mb, most, if not all the songs, are sho...

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    Music Anarchy
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  • Created April 9, 2010 by Jim Hughes

    You can find this album at

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  • Created February 18, 2010 by Boris Sevastyanov

    Different film music

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    Film music
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  • Created January 20, 2010 by jcooke

    Music made for DarkEmbrace films. They are all Horror films. These pieces of music are meant to be subtle, but add to the drama and fear on the screen.

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    Horror Films
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