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  • We moved to a new office a week and a half or so ago off of Broadway and 26th street. 1133 Broadway. It is in the old St. James hotel that has been made into offices. It has the origial lobby from 1892. but what is amazing is to see my living room floor and walls for the first time in a long time. We moved out five desks and three large file cabinets plus about 12 computers!! Can you imagaine. My apartment was our office at start up and the magazine and online store completely took over!! in the end i had to get rid of every single personal thing in the living room and it was still growing to the point i was creating rooms and cubicals from camera bag and back issue magazine boxes!! it is really strange now when i get home and see an empty living room with phone lines hanging out of the walls from where the phone company stitched in additional phone lines behind the desks. do you know that we printed 28,000 magazines this month? Do you know that is larger than some trade magazines that have been around for years and years and that it is almost as big in terms of subscribers and circulation as some of the major trade magazines in the entertainment industry and we are growing at rate that has us beating some of them in terms of circulation in about 6 months? and we have a BPA audit to back it up! We are the #1 Educational Resource for Film and Video makers!

    Now that we are moved... i should have more time to enjoy the forums and the networking section with more staff being hired and with everything out of the boxes here! I just found the credit card machine. i started thinking i might have been so sleepy from working and moving untill 3 am that i through it away. LOL. but it was in a box that looked like a magazine box. ok, more than enough ramblin for now! talk to you soon.