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Interviews in Rogue Cinema

  • Check out the October issue of Rogue Cinema for an interview with short film Look's director Ryan Pickett and starlet Theresa Meeker Pickett.

    Ryan Pickett talks about his inspirations and motivations in an interview with Matthew Saliba of [link='']Rogue Cinema[/link], who says that [link='']Look[/link] is "an exquisite experimental narrative short film that evokes feelings of a Lynchian nature in regards to its masterful use of visual metaphors as well as a Coco Chanel ad in terms of its costume and set design." The full interview is available at [link='']Rogue Cinema[/link].

    [link='']Rogue Cinema's[/link] Saliba also interviews Theresa Meeker Pickett who says "Acting means to me that I reveal my heart and soul in front of other people while I do the most mundane things as well as things I typically wouldn’t want them to see. I hope my acting shows people that they can pause and examine the small beautiful things in life." The interview is available at [link='']Rogue Cinema[/link].

    Don't forget to check out the whole movie at [link=''][/link].