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Hurricane hits movie's shoot of first scene

  • I was simply blown away during the shooting of the first scene of the movie EENDAG... and with that, I don't just mean I was impressed. I mean the wind decided it wanted to display the fury of nature.

    I remember having an opening scene all written for the movie EENDAG, and setting up to shoot it.

    It was going to be a peaceful scene, full of reflection, then going into backflashes and telling the story of our main character, Kevin's, life.

    The scene takes place in a scerene garden with statues and garden clocks and a blackboard and lots and lots of beautiful plants and flowers...

    Nature on the other hand decided that a wind shall blow so fiercefully that survival of it by any human or material thing shall only be accomplished through miracle.

    I got in the help of a small crew to help make some kind of plan regarding how to keep everything in place. The wind was simply sweeping up every prop, every added plant, every piece of furniture, and tossing it on the ground a few times before picking it up again to toss it further downwind.

    We all tried using rocks of different sizes and shapes to keep the plants in position. Still, the wind kept throwing everything upside down and all over the place.

    We placed more rocks in strategic places and used more ingenuity.

    On the table, I tried to make rocks part of the base of the beautiful table clock.

    One thing that worried me was the statue standing in the garden. There's not really much way to get rocks into its base or something.

    Still, the wind seemed to be blowing around the statue, around its curves. Perhaps it was safe.

    So, after many trials and tribulations and taking far too long just to dress the scene in such a way that everything doesn't get swept up by the wind, finally the wind seemed to have calmed down a bit and we can start recording something onto film.

    And then, tragedy struck. Out of absolute wind silence, suddenly came this strong gust that jerked everybody and everything off their feet.

    There was no way for me to save anything. All the plants and trees were knocked over by this sudden punch of wind. The beautiful clock on the table went flying off the table and cracked its glass face on the ground.

    But, no please, there goes the statue! It falls over and literally explodes like it had explosives inside it, which it didn't. It just simply bursts with such violence as soon as it hits the ground, that the pieces it breaks into probably number in the millions. Nobody can put that back together again. Only thing in tact is a piece of the base.

    After this, I feel like I've had the wind knocked out of me. Seriously, howcome out of complete wind silence can come such a violent jerk wind that literally hits everything so hard that it all go flying and toppling over? Does life hate me?

    I feel sick to my stomache.

    I don't even want to continue shooting this film anymore.

    But what good would giving up do? Might as well just pick up the pieces and keep trying, until everything is in the can.

    So, after a little rest to get over the shock, I fix everything again.

    The statue will now just be this broken piece of white thing on the rock table. If you turn it a certain way, it doesn't look like something broken, but just this white shaped thing that might have been intended to look like that. I guess.

    Well, the wind still blows but it doesn't pick up anything and throw it in the land of Oz or something again. It seems to calm down more and more as the shoot progresses.

    I'm happy with it overall. I'm glad I didn't stop when I felt all angry and violated by the wind.

    Now we have an opening scene for the movie. EENDAG shall be grand!
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