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  • Are you anxious about starting your first filmmaking project?

    It’s the night before your first filmmaking project and you can’t believe the time has come. As a film student turned independent filmmaker, this is a momentous occasion for you! However, your excitement is tempered a bit by nervousness. You have spent months writing the script, casting...
  • What I learned after my first Christmas Photoshoot

    If you’re a new photographer, there’s nothing quite like your first Christmas photoshoot. For me, it was a learning experience. Here are some lessons I learned from my first Christmas photoshoot. 1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. One of the best things about photography is th...
  • Call For Entries: Winter Photo Contest 2023

    Winter Photo Contest 2023: From the Tropic to the Arctic~ Second Edition ~‚Äč Share a photo of how winter looks in your part of the world for a chance to get featured in the Student Filmmakers Magazine!Prizes: TBA – 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will receive a trophy or plaque and an interview i...
  • Why is it more difficult to work with your family?

    In my previous blog post, I mentioned the fact that we are preparing for a Christmas Family Photoshoot.  Today, I had a Christmas family photoshoot with our whole extended family. Overall, it was a nice experience and the pictures were really nice. Everyone loved a few photos that were taken t...
  • I tried the new AI app that makes beautiful art and portraits

    Lensa is a new app that has become viral in the past week. This app uses your selfies as the starting point to generate AI powered art. My news feed on any social media I have an account on was full of these Ai pictures. Celebrities, friends and family have all tried the app and posted a few pictur...
  • FREE LIVE WEBINAR: Horror Filmmaking with Roy Wagner ASC

    FREE LIVE WEBINAR: Horror Filmmaking with Roy Wagner ASCREGISTER NOW: Speaker: Roy Wagner, ASC, a 40-year veteran, two-time Emmy-winning cinematographer, and named by Kodak as one of the Top 100 Directors of Photography.   Fri...
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