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Are you anxious about starting your first filmmaking project?

  • It’s the night before your first filmmaking project and you can’t believe the time has come. As a film student turned independent filmmaker, this is a momentous occasion for you! However, your excitement is tempered a bit by nervousness.

    You have spent months writing the script, casting the actors, finding the right locations, and making the props. But the truth is that when you’re the one in charge, the responsibility can feel overwhelming. You are trying to take it one step at a time, but the scale of the project is definitely sinking in.

    You are nervous about a lot of things. Will you be able to stay organized and on schedule? Will all your hard work come together flawlessly? Will you direct your actors and the crew to turn your vision into reality? These questions and many more have been running through your head.

    But despite all the nerves, you are confident. You know your script and you trust your own taste and vision. You also believe in your talent, and hard work and you know that the crew is on your side. They also want to do their best to help you turn your vision into reality and they are probably as nervous as you are. Even though you are unsure how things will turn out, you are not letting your worries ruin the amazing process of bringing this project to life.

    Tomorrow will be filled with drama, laughter, and long rehearsal hours, but I think it will be worth it. After all the months of hard work and preparation, I can’t wait to see how your film comes to life!