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Acting for Film & Television Academic Term: February 2015 -July 2015

  • Acting for Film & Television

    Academic Term: February 2015 -July 2015

    Actors or performers are the embodiment of a film as they are the ones who appear in the physical form on screen. They interpret the script, bring characters to life and need to be extremely adaptable. They must also have a good voice, a strong sense of expression and be able to transform gestures and emotions. Finally, they should be capable of imitating life and relationships.


    While preparing students for films, television, theatre and voice-over, the course teaches script interpretation, characterisation, diction, basic techniques, movement, observation, improvisation, role analysis, technique of make-up and basic ideas about costumes. Students are also guided in auditioning, compiling a portfolio and creating a comprehensive show reel.


    This program is designed for individuals who desire to achieve a position in Film & Television, but want to focus exclusively on acting, with a concentration on acting for film. Classes include Scene Study, Meisner Technique, Acting for Film, Voice and Movement, Monologues, Improvisation, Audition Technique and Stage Combat. In addition to the course work, students perform projects, both on-camera and on stage.


    A Repertory will be started by Mindscreen Film Institute in which the students of Acting will organize events to showcase their talent on stage regularly among the invitees from Media and public.


    Skills learned as a result of successful completion of this program include:

    ·         The ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment

    ·         In-depth knowledge of and experience with the art and craft of acting for film and television

    ·         Experience with multiple modern and classical approaches to performance, script interpretation,    and character formation

    ·         Understanding of avenues for exposure using new media

    ·         Ability to act confidently in front of the camera


    For information contact:


    No: 4, Ranga Lane, Off Dr. Ranga Road,

    Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004

    Ph: +91 044 4210 8682

    Mobile: +91 9841612595