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Getting ready for the big shoot.

  • The big weekend shoot is coming up in like 72 hours. Getting everything together is pretty much done. Going over the shotlists and script again to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. My biggest fear is that once we get to the location, which is a 3 hour drive from home and at least an hour from any real civilization, Im going to realize what I forgot and by then it will be too late and I'll have to compromise the shot because of whatever it is that I didn't bring. Other than that, there's really nothing to it, but to do it. I'm just thinking that I'm going to add a poll asking the filmmakers here if they are also musicians. I believe that the two are very much interconnected in some simply human way. The creative "thing" that some people have manifests itself in many ways and that often turns out to be musicial as well as filmmaking. I know filmmakers that are painters / sculpters also. Many times some of the most intuitive editors are also drummers, because placing that cut, that transition, the cutaway, is very much like placing a beat in a song. The overall understanding on some level of how those cuts or beats affects the picture as a whole and subsequently the audience is within the grasp of musicians and particularly drummers. I'm curious of those filmmakers with musical talents, do those of you create your own score elements, sounds, beds, etc? Do you have the time, or even the desire to control even that part of your project?
    As you might have guessed, I am a drummer, and a musician. I've been playing drums / percussion for 23 years (Yikes! that will age me) I also play piano / synth. and dabble in various guitars. I write alot of what goes into my pictures, but not all. I really value the exterior perspective a piece of music created outside the confines of the creative process of directly making the film. There is something to be said for that too. What do you think?