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  • Ok, with much fanfare, I finally got some real stills from the Unglued shoot up in my gallery. There's some cool images there, please check them out. I've really been out of the Unglued loop for a while because I've been working on three "paid" projects trying to raise money for better production gear. One industrial piece for a museum in Boston, one band promo/ music video, and a sound and light install. What do I hope to get out of all this sweat? Hmmm, topping the list is a real 16:9 HD ready production monitor, I'd also like to get the AJA XENA LHe card for HD-SDI capture capability with my editor, and of course (always on my list, but always at the bottom) a Herman Miller Aeron chair. We'll see how we do. I'm also thinking about what's next for Palatia, after we get Unglued done. Drama? Sci-Fi? Comedy? It will have to be one of those for sure. I just need that next idea to pop up. Dont forget to check out the pictures, and I'll get back to work. - C