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the latest news a la Palatia

  • It has been too long since I updated my page here so I wanted to provide a little update. We have a short script we are working to bring into production. A gangster "film noir" type piece that we have been throwing around with the idea of shooting it with the HVX-200 in HD, as a film festival piece and as a test bed for working in Adobe CS4, which is totally new to us. I suppose that segues into my "How I spent my summer" which I will describe simply as driver installation hell. We upgraded the Palatia edit suite to Adobe CS4 right after the Dallas 24 hour race. My trip to NAB to meet with the Adobe poeple left me feeling like the only way to do CS4 justice is to migrate to a 64 bit OS, so we went to Vista Business 64. The end result is great, but I would say that getting there has been a bit of a challenge. The workststion now boasts 20Gig of RAM, so we can have Premiere, and AE, and PS all open at the same time, what a time saver. Other than that we are just moving forward, eagerly anticipating the release of the Scarlet. Wouldn't that be nice.