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Standout portable projectors for 2014 by Julio Martinez

  • Standout portable projectors for 2014

    by Julio Martinez

    Projectors have been a solid alternative to HDTV's for a while now. While some HDTV's offer excellent picture quality and exclusive options, there is no substitute for projectors if you want a big screen size that resembles what a movie theatre offers. Projector technology has gone a long way from being expensive and clunky to affordable and practical. Every year, more and more consumers are choosing projectors over HDTV's for their entertainment purposes.

    The latest popular trend is portable projection technology. Some of the best projector models have been criticized for their lack of portability. The recent wave of portable projector devices cater to the needs of those that want a portable projector without worrying about having to carry a clunky device. Most recently, there have been lots of mini projectors that although don't deliver the same level of picture quality of their cousins, can really surprise you with what they are actually able to do considering their minuscule size.

    Let's take a look at our favorite portable projectors for 2014 so far:

    Optoma W304M Projector. Optoma is one of the most prominent brands from the portable projection industry that has been causing a stir lately. The Optoma W304M is one of their best examples of what an affordable (less than $1k USD) portable projector can do. By being less than a pound heavier than some of the other models, and still managing to be affordable to the average consumer, the W304M offers a powerful and bright image (with an impressive 3100-lumens compared to the sub 1000 that you would find on other portable projectors of a similar price range), high quality WXGA resolution, and long lamp life. If you are looking for a WXGA portable projector, those features alone are enough to capture your interest.

    You can see more projectors here, with some of the same features of the Optoma W304M.


    Acer K11. If you are willing to sacrifice some performance for extreme portability, then the Acer K11 might be right up your alley. For the price (less than $400 USD), the Acer K11 delivers great picture quality and brightness. A few factors contribute to the great picture quality, including brightness levels projection type, image size and refresh rate. What makes this tiny projector stand out is its excellent use of DLP technology; it is what really sets this device apart in terms of brightness. For price and portability, the Acer K11 simply cannot be beat.


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