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FAQ 2 - How to Upload to Your Gallery

  • How to Upload to Your Gallery:

    Although I haven't run out of space yet, just a heads up to check your "space used". High rez photos might need to be cropped. You can check out my networking page's Gallery and view the photos there for examples of Image Sizes / Dimensions which work well.

    My gallery is here:
    [click each thumbnail]


    1) After you log in, click "My Account"

    2) Click "Upload Picture"

    3) Type in your "Image Title" under the "Image
    Title Field"

    4) Choose the "Image Category"

    5) Click "Browse"

    6) Navigate to where your image is in your computer.

    7) Choose/click your image file. Now, you will see that the "file name path" is now in the field.

    8) Click "Upload Image"

    Special Note:

    These steps should do it ~ but if for some reason these steps don't work for you, let me know ANY error messages, and/or where you got stuck, and we'll help you get your production stills up in no time!

    Happy Networking, and see you online!