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FAQ 3 - How to Update Your Background

  • How to Update Your Background

    1) Login to Your Account

    2) Click "Settings"

    * The "Settings" button is located @ your top menu, 3rd button in.

    3) Click "Design My Profile"

    * The "Design My Profile" button is the 4th link down.

    4) Under "Background Image:" click "Browse"

    * The "Background Image:" field is the 1st item on the list.

    5) Navigate to your image file in your computer

    6) Select the file by clicking on it

    7) Click "Save Profile Setting"

    * The "Save Profile Setting" button located at bottom of page. (Scroll down)

    8) Click "View Your Profile" (1st link on list) to view your page and new background.

    9) Enjoy!

    Shoot over an IM if you have any questions or need help with this.

    Happy Networking, and see you online!