Blogs » EVENT REMINDER: Meet, network, and learn from award-winning Director/Writer/Artist John Hart.

EVENT REMINDER: Meet, network, and learn from award-winning Director/Writer/Artist John Hart.

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    Meet, network, and learn from award-winning Director/Writer/Artist John Hart.

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    This Continuing Education Workshop is exclusively for Directors, Cinematographers, Producers, and Digital Storytellers.



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    Register Now for the Dynamics of the Shot: Hands-On Storyboard Workshop with John Hart. This continuing education workshop is for directors, cinematographers, producers, and digital storytellers.

    WHEN: * You can still register today!
    Saturday, July 23, 2011

    1123 Broadway, Suite #307
    New York, NY 10010
    Phone: (917) 743-8381
    (Between W.25th and W.26th Street, subway stops R, W, 6, F,V)
    * Enter via 1133 Broadway Entrance on Saturday.


    You can still register today!

    Check-in and Networking.

    2:00pm - 5:00pm:
    Dynamics of the Shot: Hands-On Storyboard Workshop


    * First 10 pre-registrants get Gorilla PRO.
    * Next 10 pre-registrants get Screenwriting Book: Writing the Fantasy Film.

    Plus, Door Prize Drawings for:

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    The importance of pre-vis with storyboards before the first shot is taken. Storyboarding chrystalizes the continuity of the plot line and, convinces the tech crew and the actors that the director is thoroughly prepared having, 'a la Hitchcock', visualized the script beforehand.

    Large blank storyboard forms will be handed out to participants.

    Even before directors makes their storyboard sketches – which can be very simply drawn – they must be aware of professional design/compositional factors that make up the images chosen for script continuity. These images to be captured on film, within each framed shot should contain the following design elements listed below.


    (A.) Keeping the composition or design elements/images drawn within the storyboard frames simple yet graphically dynamic.

    (B.) To help visualize story elements the director must think in 3 dimensions. Visualize the action in an in-depth context, this 3D visual space involves the following professional points:

    (1.) Separating the image/storyboard frame, into FGD, MDG, and BKD space, using to advantage one-point perspective and its vanishing point. These points will be illustrated on blackboard.

    (2.) Receding planes / depth of field.

    (3.) Lighting sources that give dimension to shaded figures.

    (4.) The Golden Proportion knowledge of the principle of thirds/golden, i.e. dividing the film frame into 2/3, 1/3 proportions, vertically and horizontally.

    (5.) Being aware of the Center of Interest in your film frame. (What area do you want the viewer to concentrate on?)

    (6.) Use of strong compositional devices such as the Pyramid, the Cone, the use of Curvilinear Lines to frame Center of Interest.

    (7.) Follow the 5th Line. (4 Lines Compose the Frame.)

    * The 5th line design factor leads the audience to the
    * Chosen center of interest / action.

    THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STORYBOARD: Simple Ways to Draw Storyboards

    Participants are given time to start their sketches on the storyboard frames provided. John Hart will assist with drawing and will answer questions during this time.


    The Dynamics of the Shot: Hands-On Storyboard with John Hart is presented by Sponsor opportunities are available. Contact Kim Welch at 917.743.8381, or Jody Michelle Solis at 646.509.3160, or fill out the online contact form: