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My new Crumpler DSLR camera bag.

  • I've used different kinds of production bags for the DSLR kits I've had the wonderful opportunity from to shoot with for StudentFilmmakers Magazine. Tonight is my first time having the opportunity to get my hands on a Crumpler bag. There are different kinds of Crumpler bags of course. When we got our shipment in today, the Chief asked me, are the bags any good? I said, let me open the boxes and check out the model we got. I then quickly thought to myself --- for me to personally want to use the camera bag for myself for the places and purposes that I would need a DSLR camera bag for, this is what the bag shouldn't be:

    (1.) The shape of the bag shouldn't be so heavy and large that it looks like I'm going to spend several days in the wilderness, because I'm not.

    (2.) The shape of the bag shouldn't feel like I'm holding a luggage style pet carrier either.

    I might be taking photos and shooting video at a film screening, event, or tradeshow; or when a film or television production is filming in New York --- more specifically downstairs and across the street from the Studio on Broadway. If I happen to see a production filming outside the studio windows, I want to be able to run down, shoot, and write about it. And fast. And, without feeling like I'm carrying another person on my back. Since it is only a small lightweight DSLR camera or two and some lenses. If I'm shooting off-site, the bag should be able to hold my laptop too if I need to write and upload. If it's only a light weight DSLR camera or two and some lenses, I want the bag to be easy to carry without feeling like I'm occasionally walking lopsided.

    So, after opening the boxes of bags and looking at what is soon to be my sample bag to take home, immediately, I say to the Chief, "I want one!"

    This Crumpler bag looks like the kind of bag I've always wanted specifically for the DSLR kits that I shoot with. Small, compact, and most importantly, fits and holds different size lenses. I just want to be able to move, shoot, and move quickly, and without feeling like I'm carrying a bag at all.

    This is what I'm talking about -- check out these photos of the Crumpler DSLR camera bag. It is so small and compact, and very cool.

    Crumpler's neat packaging:" width="500" height="334">

    Another view of the neat packaging. (I like neat packages!)">

    Crumpler DSLR camera bag, front view. (My lucky laptop fits in there.)


    Crumpler DSLR camera bag, side view. Notice how small and compact. Great for discreet street shooting.">

    13 configurable padded dividers, 6 fixed pockets, and 6 accessory loops. Instant on-shoulder access for point and shoot opportunities.">

    Awesome bag for the laptop lugging digital age photographer/videographer!

    If you're interested in buying this cool Crumpler DSLR camera bag, here's the link to buy it online at