Blogs » Join us in NYC Saturday for the new HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Patrick Reis.

Join us in NYC Saturday for the new HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Patrick Reis.

  • Join us in NYC Saturday for the new HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop with Patrick Reis. Learn new DSLR best practices and techniques including: camera tips, camera movement and stabilization methods, lenses, lighting, audio, post production workflow. Elevate your DSLR productions. Don't miss this exciting must-attend for DSLR shooters in Manhattan, New York City. New door prizes announced! Additionally, this is a great opportunity to network with New York filmmakers.

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    The HDSLR Filmmaking Workshop from Shoot to Post Production with Patrick Reis will take place in New York City, on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at the Manhattan Workshop Studio. In just one comprehensive day of training, you'll receive a full range of powerful HDSLR filmmaking concepts and tools that can benefit any HDSLR production - whether you're shooting a documentary or narrative, television spot or music video.

    New Door Prizes Announced.
    Attendees are automatically entered in a raffle drawing that will take place during the event. The door prizes include the following products:
    One raffle winner will receive the Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/50 ZE lens. One raffle winner will receive the BeachTek DXA-SLR Adapter. One raffle winner will receive a SmallHD 50% Off Store Coupon.
    All Attendees will receive a complimentary 1-Year subscription to StudentFilmmakers Magazine.

    Equipment/Gear List:

    The following equipment and gear will be used during the workshop and will be available for attendees.

    * Carl Zeiss CP.2 lenses
    * SmallHD monitor kits
    * indiSYSTEM DSLR shoulder mount rigs
    * BeachTek DXA-SLR adapters
    * Wood's Powr-Grip camera mounts: The Nukklehead
    * Wood's Powr-Grip camera mounts: The Cleat
    * Ikan IDMX 1000 Field-Optimized LED Light with DMX Control
    * Ikan Multi-K XL Variable Color Temperature LED Light
    * Ikan iLED ONE-DK
    * iLED-ONE Deluxe Kit
    * Ikan iLED-ONE Interchangeable Single On Camera L.E.D. Light
    * Ikan iLED 120 On-Camera LED Light
    * Ikan iLED 144 On-Camera Dual Color LED Light
    * Ikan Multi-K Variable Color Temperature LED Light
    * Ikan IBG-ES Bikan Expandable Sling Bag
    * Ikan IBG-LB ikan Utility Light Bag
    * Ikan IBG-SLING ikan Sling Bag
    * Alzo Video DSLR Rig
    * Alzo Video DSLR Rig Accessories
    * Sony Vegas Pro

    Who Should Attend:

    Any filmmaker who wants to improve his/her game, by being up close and learning with an HDSLR master shooter. Cinematographers and camera operators interested in the new wave of HDSLR technology and techniques. Still photographers, journalists, and documentarians who want to learn how to shoot video with DSLR cameras.

    Patrick Reis is a New York-based filmmaker and freelance shooter who began his career working with film before the digital video revolution exploded and began to dominate the indie market. Reis' experience spans over 10 years working in commercials and TV, with clients including ESPN, Fox Sports, Nickelodeon. Reis' love of storytelling has drawn him to more documentary and narrative projects.

    Group rates available for Companies and Schools:
    * 10% discount for groups of 5 to 9 from the same company or organization.
    * 20% discount for groups of 10+ from the same company or organization. Call Jody at (917) 472-7849 for registering your group, or click the following link: to fill out the online contact form to register your group.

    Saturday, December 10, 2011
    9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    (Check-In at 9:00 a.m.)

    Workshop Studio in NYC
    1123 Broadway, Suite 307
    New York, N.Y. 10010
    Enter via 1133 Broadway on Saturday
    Directions will be sent upon online registration.

    Cost: $120.00.
    DISCOUNTS: Get $15 off now when you register online today.
    * Additionally, students with ID receive additional 10% off.
    * Plus. Group rates available for Companies and Schools.

    One raffle winner will receive the Carl Zeiss Planar 1.4/50 ZE lens. One raffle winner will receive the BeachTek DXA-SLR Adapter. One raffle winner will receive a SmallHD 50% Off Store Coupon. All Attendees will receive a complimentary 1-Year subscription to StudentFilmmakers Magazine.

    * You may bring your own camera to the class. We recommend that you bring your own compact flash card to save and take home your footage.
    * You may bring your laptop, iPad, or digital notepad. Free wireless internet available during workshop.


    Why did they put video on my DSLR? How did a still photography camera become a player in the video world? Why is DSLR video better, and where does it fail?

    Does sensor size matter? What is the difference between all of the DSLR sensor sizes? What is a full frame and an APS-C? What resolution are you recording with video?

    The Limitations. Solutions and best practices. It looks easy but shooting video on a DSLR is not a point-and-shoot situation. Find out what crop factor is. Rolling shutter. Moiré & Aliasing. Shallow depth of field and when you want to avoid it. Why DSLRs overheat. Why does it only record for a short time and then stop? Don't let the limitations scare you, instead, learn what they are so you can work with them.

    Menus & Terminology. How shooting stills is different from shooting video. We'll navigate around the camera body and discover that some missing features are still there but they have different names. We'll also take a look at the menu system, clarify it and see how some DSLR menus are different even when they are from the same manufacturer.

    DSLRs and their lack of Video Camera Luxuries. Solutions and best practices. What happened to auto focus, zebras and neutral density filters? What is shutter speed and ISO?

    Lenses. The DSLR has a removable lens. Now you have so many choices. What is a prime lens? Do you really have to focus yourself? Can zoom lenses be used? What makes one lens different from another? Are third party lenses best for your project? Pre-production considerations for choosing the right lens for your project. Get hands-on with Carl Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses in this workshop.

    Monitors. Can you use the screen on the back of your camera or should you use an external monitor? What if you can't afford an external monitor? Try out a monitor solution from SmallHD that professionals use in this workshop.

    Camera Movement, POV, and Stabilization. Can the DSLR be a handheld camera? See handheld solutions and set up a full shoulder mount rig. Get hands-on with DSLR camera rigs and camera mounts from indiSYSTEM, Wood's Powr-Grip, and Alzo Video; and LED solutions from Ikan.

    DSLR Audio. The myth about DSLR audio. Is it really bad? What is AGC? How should you record your audio? See how a BeachTek adaptor can help. Pre-production considerations for recording audio with your DSLR project.

    Media. Compact flash cards and SD cards. Which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

    Post Production. You've shot all of your video and now you're ready for post; what do you need to know? Pictures styles & Exposure modes. Do you have to transcode what you've shot? Is there more than one solution for transcoding? What workflow considerations do you need to make? We'll take some video and load it into Sony Vegas Pro so you can see a workflow option.

    About the Instructor Patrick Reis

    Patrick Reis has shot with 16mm and 35mm cameras, as well as a myriad of video cameras including Canon HDSLRs. Growing up in the Hudson Valley near Woodstock influenced the artist in him and now he travels across the United States and overseas for projects. Reis enjoys the collaborative aspect of filmmaking and admires the filmmaker that can succeed when they test the limits of the system.

    Patrick Reis' Filmography

    (Partial List) "Road To Roubaix"
    (Feature Documentary)
    "Light Years"
    (Feature Documentary)
    "My Roommate Was A Psychopath"
    (Short Film)
    "Twice Exceptional"
    (Short Film)
    "Acorns of Hope"
    (Short Film)
    "Out of the Blue"
    (Short Film)
    "The Black Stella"
    (Short Film)
    "Empire Crush," twelve a.m. flowers
    (Music Video)
    "She's On Fire," Roger Smith
    (Music Video)
    "Liar, Liar," Nina
    (Music Video)
    "The Best Shorts on BETJ"
    "Real Life Divas on BETJ"
    "V Twin TV on Speed Channel"

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