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  • First few days of the Cannes Film Festival are now history. I managed to go to the red carpet premiere of Robin Hood, courtesy of the dialogue editor, Margit Pfeiffer and a preview of Wall Street. Despite all of the crazy reviews, both are pretty good for various reasons and tastes. The best part was being able to see the opening ceremony, with a tribute to film jury president, Tim Burton. The primary coverage is for the film premieres, but the main event is the market place, where companies are buying and selling movies. This is the international market place for film sales. There are an incredible amount of films produced that we will never see. I managed to see a market screening of Step Up 3D, which has pretty effective 3D for dance sequences, but makes you realize how important it is to be able to direct actors in their performances to make a movie dramatic and effective. These movies can be fun, but we don't want to cringe at the amateur attempt at dramatic scenes. 3D is still a primary concern for the European marketplace and how they will be able to keep up with the American product in 3D, which has become prolific. The weekend will continue with Woody Allen tomorrow and then Mike Leigh. I am particularly interested in Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami's, Certified Copy, with Juliette Binoche, as this seems to be his most mainstream movie. I hope to post more information on sound editing, courtesy of Margit in the future as well as other filmmaking pros.