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  • Legend of Lillian Peacock

    Tremont Avenue Productions recently completed production of the short, Legend of Lillian Peacock, shot on-location in Scottdale, Pennsylvania. Written and directed by Roger Marsh, Legend of Lillian Peacock, is a ficational dramedy set inside the contemporary Geyer Performing Arts Center, a 108-ye...
  • Ron Paul Speaks

    I am always mixing styles - creating projects that have a stage, film, Web and print bent to them. After all, if you've researched a subject, why not extend the material out into different media? On the film side, I attended a rally this past August to listen to Republican Presidential Candidate Ron...
  • Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant - behind-the-scenes - June 6

    Behind-the-scenes on location shooting Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant - in Mt. Pleasant, PA. [br]
  • Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant - behind-the-scenes June 5

    We were a couple of days into pre-production at our location in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania, when we shot this. I put this together in about 30 minutes; not much time; so we hope to get better at these soon. [br]
  • More photos

    By the way, if anyone has an interest, I have more behind-the-scenes photos over at myspace. You can also read more about my first film, Haunted R&R Station, over at the film Web site.There is a nice tour of the hotel there too, and you can view our trailer.
  • Pre Production

    I can't believe it's been more than two months since we released my first film, Haunted R&R Station. It's been an incredible ride. I'm now set to leave June 1 for a week of pre-production days before we begin shooting Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant - a full-length comedy based on my Chicago stage show, M...