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Legend of Lillian Peacock

  • Tremont Avenue Productions recently completed production of the short, Legend of Lillian Peacock, shot on-location in Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

    Written and directed by Roger Marsh, Legend of Lillian Peacock, is a ficational dramedy set inside the contemporary Geyer Performing Arts Center, a 108-year-old restored theater in Scottdale, Pennsylvania.

    Lillian Peacock was born Lillian Webb in 1889 in Scottdale. The Geyer opened as the Geyer Opera House in 1900. Lillian moved with her family to California in 1907, where she stepped into the silent film industry, eventually starring in 109 movies. Tragically, she was asked to jump from one moving car to another, and was critically injured. Lillian managed to appear in two more films, but died at her parents home in Los Angeles at the age of 28.

    Our short centers around contemporary characters, Geyer Artistic Director Ricky Luck, and his new stage manager, Lucy Oscar. Ricky quickly reveals how Lillian Peacock and her 1907 lover, Christian, haunt the theater - driving at least one theater employee running and screaming into the street. The two manage their way into a haunted vortex and witness Christian's painful death off of the theater balcony.

    Legend of Lillian Peacock is now in post production. We hope to have a final copy ready for viewing summer 2008.