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Ron Paul Speaks

  • I am always mixing styles - creating projects that have a stage, film, Web and print bent to them. After all, if you've researched a subject, why not extend the material out into different media? On the film side, I attended a rally this past August to listen to Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) speak and I captured the rally on digital video and uploaded it to and we've received thousands of hits. The project continued - with my project partner Philip Haddad - and we conceived of a book - RON PAUL SPEAKS - a 320-page mass market paperback - a book of quotes from this inspiring candidate. The book was picked up by Globe Pequot Press (under their Lyons Press imprint) and will be distributed natioally beginning about March 15. You can go to their Web site now and enter your e-mail address and they will e-mail you when the book is available. In the search field, type in RON PAUL SPEAKS to get to the page. Thanks to anyone who signs up here.