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    Production Stills

    Production Stills are a valuable part of a filmmaker's story. They capture moments behind the scenes that become great memories over the years, while the public can see the atmosphere and context in which the crew worked hard to create a great movie....  more
    led by Maura Nicolaita

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    A group to share photos, tips and tricks, and camera settings for photographers
    led by Kim Welch

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    Communications Equipment

    We are always happy to provide our customers with additional information regarding our equipment. For this reason we can affirm that we provide the best quality Wireless Communications Equipment in the market and that we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.
    led by Jack A

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    Lorien Music Lessons

    Lorien Music is your one stop solution in New Orleans for taking the violin and piano classes New Orleans. Professional musicians and educators serve you at Lorien Music and you can trust these individuals completely.
    led by Lorien Music Lorien Music

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    Writing For Film & TV

    A place for feedback and sharing.
    Led by Kay Luke, an uncredited professional Hollywood writer and member of
    "The best critic is another writer. They always find a flaw!"
    led by Kay Luke

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    PhotoPlus Expo 2021

    Event Details

    PhotoPlus Expo 2021:

    Register here:

    Exhibit Information: ...  more
    led by Kim Welch

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    360 VR Filmmakers

    There is no doubt that 360 VR has excited filmmakers around the world. Are you one of the early adopters? Is 360 something that you are thinking about getting into? Then this group is for you. We will share new products and new ideas.
    led by Al Caudullo

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    War Brides of Japan

    konnich-wa. this group is for anyone desiring to know more about the topic of Japanese war brides, Japanese women who married U.S. occupying military following WWII. we have a Facebook group as well as a Facebook fan page. while we don't expect a lot of...  more
    led by Yayoi Winfrey

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    Toronto Urban Film Festival

    Call For Entries: Submit your silent, one-minute film before June 1, 2015 and avoid the $20 entry fee. Final deadline: June 30, 2015.

    Take part in North America’s largest commuter film festival! The 9th annual Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF) returns

    ...  more
    led by Anna-Lea Boeki

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    five part har·mo·ny   [fahyv pahrt hahr-muh-nee]

    noun, plural five part har·mo·nies. 

    1. audio-visual company in Scotland.

    2. enthusiastic videographers of music, theatre, dance and community/private events.

    3. lyric from Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant.


    ...  more
    led by Stefanie Damm

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    Brigid Mhairi

    I am heavily into music in general and love live performance.

    Never happier than when singing; I find the thrill of working with live musicians the best. The thump of the kick drum or the bass-line from my bass guitarist are the...  more
    led by Stefanie Damm

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    Worldwide Experimental Filmmakers

    <p>We look towards the hypnotic sensations of the future rather than the cliches of the past. </p>
    led by Felipe Herrera