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The Life of A Filmmaker

  • Hello, Hi: To all The Student Filmmaker out There


    For the past four weeks, I have been going up and down. Putting out fires and resolving issues in a wonderful that is set to hit the Box Office and Streaming Platforms in February 2022. The production of the film stalled with a few scenes still to be finished, and I went to watch the footage just to see is the film was worth the trouble.


    And I have accepted insults, lies and breakdowns from all sides of the production; But I still believe in this film. I will share the Trailer with you as soon as it is made available to me. I am planning on investing in the film as soon as I am done with the inner dealings and have secured insurance for the film. 


    I can not say too much about the film at this moment as it is a working progress, but you can trust that it will be one of the best films to ever hit the streets of South Africa; but I am also aiming for the world with it. I will update you as soon as I get a breakthrough and manage to finalize the film.

    Keep safe and stay beautiful