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The Rise of Digital Twins in Entertainment

  • In the world of entertainment, it is common for actors and public figures to be a subject of different kinds of digital manipulation. DeepBrain AI, a conversational AI startup based in South Korea, is taking digital twins to the next level. Through its AI Studios and AI Human platforms, the company applies deep-learning technology to create hyper-realistic virtual humans that serve as digital twins of the real person. The virtual human has the same appearance, voice, gestures, and mannerisms as the person it is modeled after.

    One of the most notable figures that DeepBrain AI has created a digital twin for is Howie Mandel, a comedian, actor, host, and technology enthusiast. The real Howie Mandel cooperated with DeepBrain AI to create the virtual human AI replica, which is an interactive virtual human for immersive and personalized fan experiences. The digital twin can be used for communication and marketing tools for celebrities, athletes, news anchors, and politicians. DeepBrain AI has also created digital twins of other public figures, such as soccer superstar Son Heung-Min, multiple news anchors across Asia, and South Korean president Yoon Suk-yeol.

    Meanwhile, Deepcake, an artificial-intelligence-powered content optimization platform, has created a digital twin for Bruce Willis, who was diagnosed with aphasia, a brain disorder that affects his ability to communicate. This digital twin is not created for fan experience purposes, but it can still allow the actor to appear on the big screen after his retirement.

    DeepBrain AI’s virtual human AI technology is designed to create a digital twin that clones the person’s voice, their mannerisms, their face, the way their eyes move, and the way their lips move. The company’s mission is to use this technology to bring humanizing digital experiences to creative teams and to generate immersive content at scale.

    DeepBrain AI is a startup that has raised $54 million to date, and the company has 130 employees. It is already being used by four different television networks in South Korea and China for AI news anchors. In addition to its script-to-video capabilities, the company provides fully conversational experiences with its AI Human software. The AI Human solution enables fans to interact and engage with virtual human models by simply asking questions. AI Humans are available within mobile apps, web browsers, or voice-activated kiosks.

    The creation of digital twins using AI technology is an exciting development in the entertainment industry. It provides a way for public figures to interact with their fans, even when they are not physically present. It also allows them to preserve their image and likeness for future generations. With the advancement of AI technology, we can expect more realistic and interactive digital twins to be created in the future.